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More Than One Ship-To Address
If you have more than one shipping address, you will have a drop-down menu with your addresses. They are in Alpha order.

Shipping from NC Warehouse?
  • 'CPU' = Carrier Pick Up, only used with our NC warehouse
  • 'Will Call' = Your truck is picking up at the warehouse
Shipping from WA Warehouse?
  • 'Will Call' = Carrier pick up, or you are picking up product
Adding Ship-To Addresses
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Default Carrier
If you have a standard carrier you would like used, please email and we will add this to the routing information.
Additional Users
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WHSE Ordering (East vs West)
On the B2B website you are only able to order from the warehouse your orders are usually fulfilled through. You will need to contact if you would like to order an item from the other warehouse.
Cancelling Orders
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Order History
Past and current orders are available to view on the website here: You can also get to this page by clicking My Account at the top right and selecting Order / Invoice Tracking
Currently payments are not accepted on the B2B website. Please contact to make payment arrangements, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy Emerald Furniture
A: We are a supplier to home furniture retailers and do not sell our furniture to the public. We offer a Dealer Locator tool that allows you to search for stores in your area who carry our product. Any store listed there can place an order for you if they do not currently have it on their floor for sale. Retailers are asked to log-in to purchase online or work with your Emerald Sales Rep to place your orders.
Q: What is the price? How do I find how much a piece costs?
A: Please contact a store near you for information on item’s price.
Q: Stores near me don’t have the collection I want, what can I do?
A: Please contact the retailer that you would like to work with—they can place an order for you.
Q: Can I order furniture from a collection in a different color or dimension than what currently exists?
A: No. We do not manufacture custom-made pieces nor sell directly to the public.
Q: Where can I get additional dimensions and details about a product?
A: Product dimensions are listed in the Details of each product under Additional Information, on the right of the page. For additional information, please Contact Us and an associate will be in touch with you directly within 2-4 business days.
Q: Why can’t I find all the pieces for a collection I want to purchase?
A: The collection may be discontinued; one that we’re no longer manufacturing. If it’s a current collection, any retailer on our Dealer Locator can order pieces for you. Want to double check if a collection is discontinued? Check out our Closeouts section or Contact Us and an associate will be in touch with you directly.
Q: How do I assemble or disassemble my furniture?
A: Please download your item’s Assembly Instructions for details.
Q: I own furniture from Emerald Home and I’m having a problem with it, what can I do?
A: We ask that you work with the retailer you purchased the item from for resolution. We will work with the dealer to assess your concern and provide a resolution per our limited warranty coverage.
Q: I’ve had a small scratch, tear, or spill on my piece. Can I purchase a repair kit or stain?
A: We do not offer repair items. For small or minor spots, many hardware stores offer furniture touch-up pens and products in a variety of color choices. These will help to mask smaller blemishes. For larger concerns, we would recommend reaching out to a professional furniture repair technician to assess and either provide a solution or complete the repairs.
Q: How should a dealer submit a Warranty Claim?
A: Please complete our online Dealer Claim form.
Q: I purchased an Emerald Home piece and it’s missing a part. How do I obtain the missing part?
A: We ask that you work with the retailer that you purchased the item from for assistance in obtaining the part. Retailers are asked to complete a Parts Request form.
Q: How do I protect and clean my new Emerald Home furniture?
A: Please reference the Product Care guide
Q: What is the Proposition 65 warning? Why would my furniture have that warning?
A: Proposition 65 requires warning labels on products that can expose you to any of the 800+ chemicals that OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) lists, known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. As a wholesaler, our items are shipped all over the world. We cannot anticipate exactly where they will be sold at the time of the furniture's production, so we place these warnings on all our items. We honor these regulations in compliance with California state law. There two things from the state's required list that may potentially be found in your Emerald furniture:
  1. Formaldehyde. To increase strength and durability, we frequently use glue and engineered wood such as plywood or MDF in our furniture. Though measured and maintained below the U.S. consumer requirements for CARB certification, we have listed formaldehyde on our warning labels because of the potential that it was used as a drying agent in the glue or engineered wood.
  2. Wood Dust. We love wood furniture and most of our furniture contains wood or was manufactured in a facility that also manufactures wood products. But for some it's very important to know that there may be a small amount of wood dust in our furniture or packaging.
Q: I am interested in carrying Emerald Home furniture in my store. How do I become a Dealer?
A: Please complete our New Dealer Request form and an associate will be in touch with you directly within 2-4 business days.

Do you have additional questions? Contact Us